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This is the sort of personal web presence of David B. DeFebo.  I am an amateur radio operator - WB9BWP (since 1969, not a vanity call - don't know what that means?  Don't worry about that now).  And once again President of the Milwaukee Radio Amateurs' Club (3rd time).

My professional web site (also if you would be interested in hiring me for real, not just for a while) - I invite you to visit if you are in need of some printed circuit board design or other electronic product design services is at - www.brainstorms-unlimited.com.  Since being evicted from my workplace environment in 2001 (for the 3rd time in 8 years), I am attempting to make some money by being one of those dreaded so-called consultants.  Reading this you may think I am a smart-$%# and why should you hire me.  Please check out www.brainstorms-unlimited.com and maybe you will see what I can do for you and your business.

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MRAC First 100 Years Trailer

Leroy operating 100th Special Event HOH 6/17/17




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